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Shoresh graduation essay 

This essay was delivered by graduate Judah Fredman, 2017

    I have spent five years here, at this school, in four main types of classes. The types are rabbinic, history and politics, bible, and miscellaneous useful and important classes. This place has left an impact on how I react to questions and people and the way people say different things. During the first few years I would find ways to cause arguments on related issues and see what the teachers’ final verdict on the argument was. When a question was asked I would find the most unique and out of the box solution like let’s say blow up the island. You get it if you get it. As time passed I started to get “gold stars” which made some classes more enjoyable. But I never got ten thousand points. During this time I got mad at what and how some of the teachers taught their classes. Now at the end of my shoresh career I can say that each teacher has their own methods of how they teach.  Some fit my way of learning better but I will not say which is which. Over the years they all had interesting topics no matter what my fellow graduates say (just in case one of them claims boredom).

    Now as per custom I have to relate my experience to something I learned over the past five years.  Everyone always picks biblical quotes, so I will too. My quote, which is important enough for me to include in my speech to all of you is וְאֵין כָּל-חָדָשׁ, תַּחַת הַשָּׁמֶש. For all of you, like me, do not know Hebrew well enough to know what that means, it means “There is nothing new beneath the sun” (Ecclesiastes chapter 1 verse 9 page number 1765). It is a line used many times and you would expect that this line would or at least should bring you down. But why; all it is saying is that you have as much potential as anyone else to do nothing and become dust that is not remembered or be the great thinker and recreate the world to ways that might not be new but are good and useful. 

This under the right motivation and interpretation should lead you to a greater purpose to rediscover all the wonders in the world that are lost and not just to die in the pit with the fool for the fool gets forgotten and lost to history but the great people never get forgotten for long. And soon, humans might not be beneath our sun, and let that generation have great luck for they sail to a world which everything is new and not theirs other than their beliefs and faith. And let my life not be utter futility maybe just some futility. Now let’s have a good graduation and a good future to rediscovering things lost under the sun.