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Shoresh Graduation Speech-

this essay was delivered by graduate Micah Selengut, 2018


Hello everybody,

I just wanted to thank you all so much for coming out tonight to celebrate with us - it means a lot!


I've been where you are, in this room.

For the last four years actually, I've sat in those seats, looking up - a little starry eyed -  at the graduating shoresh class in front of me.


I always remember thinking to myself,

Every year like

I should really start writing my speech.

Yeah no…  I didn't start till like Tuesday.


But that's ok!

I don't think many of our previous graduates planned very far ahead either.

Most of them seemed to just speak about shoresh from the heart.


A lot of them passionately read the words they had scribbled - really fiery and raw.

Some were shaky at first but grew with strength as they realized the trueness of what they had written.

I remember one person actually, started reading their speech, but then seemed to like push it aside after a little and just TALK.


And I think that says a lot about HOW shoresh has affect us as students - you know -

We get emotional talking about our experiences,

We feel a deep gratitude to the nights we spend here